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This is my personal tribute to some of the queens of the seductive smoking genre... I have always liked the seductive smoking sirens of the big screen, both the old time film noir and the present day actresses. On this page, I pay tribute to Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, probably the first queens of the smoking fetish on film...Rita Hayworth's upward exhale pose from the movie "Gilda" might be the most published smoking pic of all time...also, Marlene Dietrich, Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, Delores Del Rio, Donna Reed and Rosalind Russell from yesteryear, as well as Cameron Diaz, Alyssa Milano, Helena Bonham Carter, Virginia Madsen, Drew Barrymore (The Queen of Smoke Rings) and my personal fave, Kate Winslet, from today. Sorry some of the pics are so small, obviously, I make no claim to be the orginal poster of these pics.

Bette Davis Smoking
Bette Davis

Joan Crawford Smoking
Joan Crawford
Hedy Lamar Smoking
Hedy Lamar
Marlene Dietrich Smoking
Marlene Dietrich
Marilyn Monroe Smoking
Marilyn Monroe
Natalie Wood Smoking
Natalie Wood
Delores DelRio Smoking
Delores DelRio
Donna Reed Smoking
Donna Reed
Rita Hayworth Smoking
Rita Hayworth
Rosalind Russell Smoking
Rosalind Russell
Mamie VanDoren Smoking
Mamie VanDoren
Ingrid Bergman Smoking
Ingrid Bergman
Cameron Diaz Smoking
Cameron Diaz
Alyssa Milano Smoking
Alyssa Milano
Virginia Madsen Smoking
Virginia Madsen
Kate Winslet Smoking
Kate Winslet